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After answering the question "What Grass is Best for Me?" thousands and thousands of times, it was time for a guide!

This free guide outlines what cool season grass is best for you in your local environment to match your lifestyle and goals.

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Cool Season Starter Pack

Only $29.99! (a $49 value)

Get all of Ope's Guides in one at a value price to take your lawn care journey to the next level.

Included in the Cool Season Bundle Pack is:

  • What Grass is BEST for Me? Guide
  • Overseeding Guide
  • Watering Your Lawn Guide
  • Leveling Your Lawn
  • Cool Season Lawn Care Calendar

Each guide is available a la carte, the Cool Season Bundle Pack is priced at a better value to give you the complete beginner's package to start dominating the neighborhood!

Downloadable E-Guide

Cool Season Lawn Care Calendar


A complete lawn care calendar for cool season lawns.  This guide provides a beginner-friendly calendar for DIYer's to use as guidance within their own lawns each season.  Included in this guide are recommended application windows for each category listed below as well as product recommendations on where to get started.  

Calendar includes schedules for*:

- Fertilizers

- Weed Prevention and Control

- Grub Prevention and Control

- Disease Prevention and Control

- Dethatching

- Core Aeration

- Seeding

- Lawn Leveling and more

*Note: Calendars are created for a generic audience and catered to be a beginner-friendly model.  Product recommendations are included inside of this guide, however, application rates and restrictions must be followed at your local level.  Some products recommended throughout this guide may or may not be available to you depending on local laws and restrictions.  

Downloadable e-guide

Overseeding Guide | For Beginners


A complete guide to transforming your lawn by overseeding.  Step-by-step instructions, recommended products to make this project a breeze, and tips I've learned along the way in my experience with overseeding projects.

Downloadable E-Guide

Leveling Your Lawn | For Beginner's


Is your lawn so bumpy that it feels like you're mowing the lawn in the middle of an earthquake?  It's a common problem with an easy fix!  This complete step-by-step guide to leveling your cool season lawn will walk you through the process, tools needed, and helpful tips along the way to get your lawn smooth again.  


- Step-by-step instructions on leveling your cool season lawn

- Tools needed for a lawn leveling project

- Helpful tips learned along the way to make this project a breeze

Downloadable E-Guide

Watering Your Lawn | For Beginner's


A step-by-step guide for DIYer's to correctly water their cool season lawn.  Regardless whether you have an in-ground sprinkler system or an above-ground/DIY setup, this guide will teach you how to approach watering your lawn.

Topics included:

- Guidance on when and how long you should water your lawn to save you money

- Calibrating your sprinkler system

- Proper watering habits and their importance

- Guidance on grass types and practices to help conserve water

- Exclusive discounts on water-conservation irrigation products

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